Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gerald and Maxine: An introduction

Maxine: Astonishingly beautiful.
Gerald: Terribly romantic..

Maxine: Inveterate reader
Gerald: Struggling writer

Maxine: Cool, calm and collect
Gerald: Loose cannon

Maxine: City girl. Lady. The kind you would find in Upper Manhattan.
Gerald: Country boy under a hat. Texan type. Rural.

Maxine: Career woman- Corporate Communications' strategist. Co-founder and CEO of her company.
Gerald: Small time entrepreneur- Sells farm produce off the back of his truck- His way of saving the world.

Maxine: Refined vocalist
Gerald: Quirky athlete

Maxine: Girlfriend to a business tycoon in the city, they have been together nine months or less.
Gerald: Single.

Maxine: Skeptical about marriage. Free spirit.
Gerald: Lover.

Maxine: Thinks Gerald has nice smile and likes that he smells nice.
Gerald: Head over heels over Maxine; she brings wonders to his feet... something only a girl who reads is capable of.

What do they have in common?  A troubled chemistry.
How did they meet? A book fare or off the internet. No one cares to remember.

What is this series about: The big bang. Anything really... nobody knows how this one ends.

Relationship to this blog: The narrator is Gerald's confidant.

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