Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Kuku" about Kiwi

Ok ok... I am a little "Kuku" about KIWI and I will tell you why...

See I have a date with a possible love of my life later in the evening, baada ya kazi (si you know how we do on Friday evenings) so this morning I spent some quality time in front of the mirror trying to put my best foot forward, you know how we ladies are...lazima kung'ara... so the look wouldn't be complete without my best/fave/expensive/exquisite... the list continues pair of boots.

Then guess what?

You probably know of Murphy's law right? You know the whatever could go wrong will almost always go wrong... Yep! On stepping out of the house it started pouring and I had to make for work in the rain and in my best boots... Imagine the horror of showing up for an important (Possibly romantic) date with ruined shoes... eish not good, not good, not good ever, totally damaging to a girl's image and self-esteem.
Anyways, this time I was ahead of Mr.Murphy, thanks to my KIWI polished boots, nilipita katikati ya maji na matope bila 'was' hahaha na sasa nitatoklezea for my date na fyatu filifyong'ara na ma-confidence.

This dude better like me!! :)


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